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API + Keycloak

It's great to hear that Your ERP is actively working on completing API and Zapier integration. Once this integration is in place, it will make Your ERP compatible with services like Pabbly, Make, Actives Pieces, and others very seamlessly.

This enhanced compatibility will likely provide users with more flexibility and streamline their workflow.


🌐 User Federation & LDAP Integration: Unlocking Seamless User Management

Your ERP now integrates with Keycloak, bringing advanced user management features to streamline your operations.

User Federation:

What is it? User federation allows Your ERP to connect seamlessly with various identity providers, simplifying user management.

Why does it matter? Whether you have an existing user database or prefer specific identity management solutions, YourERP can integrate effortlessly, ensuring a unified and efficient user experience.

LDAP Integration:

LDAP Compatibility: YourERP's integration with Keycloak includes compatibility with Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP).

Benefits of LDAP: LDAP integration offers a centralized and standardized way to manage user identities, improving efficiency and security.

Enterprise-Grade Security: LDAP enhances security by providing a secure and standardized method for accessing, managing, and authenticating directory information.

How Does This Benefit You?

Efficient User Management: Seamlessly manage user identities, permissions, and access across YourERP and other systems through a unified interface.

Centralized Control: LDAP integration ensures centralized control over user data, promoting consistency and simplifying administrative tasks.

Enhanced Security: Leverage enterprise-grade security features to protect sensitive information and ensure compliance with industry standards.