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Noysi is a comprehensive communication and collaboration platform designed for teams and businesses to streamline their workflows, centralize information, and enhance productivity through real-time messaging, file sharing, and task management.

Your ERP manages the support for Noysi; please write to noysi@yourerp.tech or noysi@noysi.com for any inquiries.

Do you have any questions? Noysi's Founder himself will answer you in real time


Desktop Apps "if you are experience any upload files problem due to cookies reasons"

Windows https://noysi.com/downloads/noysi-desktop-latest.exe 
Debian https://noysi.com/downloads/noysi-desktop-latest.deb 
Mac https://noysi.com/downloads/noysi-desktop-latest.pkg 


Noysi CNAME activation: 

Navigate to your Domain Provider. Create a CNAME record where your chosen subdomain points to domains.noysi.com

*If you're using Cloudflare, ensure that Proxied Mode is always disabled.


Edit Team Area

It is very important that you check the edit team area, because you will find many configuration options that will help you achieve your privacy and usage goals. 

  • Administrators can delete messages
  • @all only for Administrators
  • @channel for Administrators and Channel Creators only
  • Modifying Tasks reserved for Creators and Administrators
  • Block username when sending invitation
  • Guests only authorized by Administrators
  • Visible users' email addresses
  • Phone numbers of visible users
  • Enable push notifications on all channels


You can use the Noysi Advisor made by OpenAI API as well https://chat.openai.com/g/g-mnDB9agy3-noysi-advisor